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Compliance program

Compliance program

Transportes Mixtos Especiales, S.A. has a Compliance Program in place to duly prevent any illegal actions. This program contains a series of tools and controls that avoid breaches of the law and of the internal regulations by executives, employees or third parties who deal with the Group companies.

The program is based on prevention, detection and reaction to potential breaches within the companies. One of the program’s fundamental tools is the Ethics Channel. It is available at the following site and by post, addressed to the Head of Compliance, María Rodríguez-Parets (Avd. Pablo Garnica 20, 39300 Torrelavega, Cantabria, Spain).

Transportes Mixtos Especiales, S.A. also has a Compliance Policy in place. Its aim is to establish the necessary and required behaviour standards, commitment to applicable regulations and, specifically, the intention to not tolerate conducts that could entail criminal activity or that violate internal regulations. The purpose is to raise awareness towards a culture of integrity and respect for the current laws and regulations, and to establish a general framework for action and behaviour based on its values.

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