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TRAMESA is a Comprehensive Logistics Operator that was founded in 1973, belonging to the ARMANDO ALVAREZ Group. The company has a large railway section and it is committed to consolidating and promoting Global Transport, always with the core idea to provide fast, efficient and safe transportation.

After the implementation of the LSF in 2003, Royal Decree of 2012 and the Road Map of 2013, the Railway Sector reinvented itself, providing new Opportunities for those companies participating in this business.

These circumstances led to our company currently being certified as a Railway Company.

Pillars of the process

  1. Liberalisation
  2. Intermodality
  3. Interoperability
  4. Sustainability

What is the railway company certificate?

A certificate issued by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, and the company that is awarded this certificate is allowed to transport goods by railway using their own means.

Why apply for this Certificate?

To obtain:

  1. Higher efficiency
  2. Better competitiveness
  3. Reduced costs
  4. Environmental benefits

A universe of solutions

Armando Álvarez y Solplast

Tramesa es la división logística de el Grupo de empresas Armando Alvarez. En la actualidad somos el mayor transformador español de films plasticos de polietileno. Nuestra larga experiencia al trabajar con los top ten de cada sector nos permite adaptar y crear soluciones a tu medida.

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